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Have you ever stopped to think what 75p can buy you? A pint of milk, a bar of chocolate, a can of soft drink? These days that 75p wouldn't even stretch to a copy of The Times or a loaf of bread.

Did you know that for approximately 75p a day you can contribute to the provision of education to some the poorest children in the world?

School4Kids is a child sponsorship programme initially aimed at providing education for 50 of the poorest children in the Solwezi area of Zambia. This kind of support will equip children with the skills they need to free themselves from poverty and live fulfilled lives - spiritually, economically, physically, socially and emotionally.

Your support will help to fund the education of these children and your contribution will be used towards costs such as: rental of school premises, dinners, resources e.g. uniforms, books, equipment etc., and teachers' wages.

As the only sponsor for an individual child you will enjoy an insight into their life and the progress they are making in education. Through regular project updates and twice yearly personal messages from your sponsored child, you will be able to see the impact your donation is having.

Administered by New Life Church Bristol (registered charity number 1150750), in partnership with Path of Life Ministries in Zambia, the Beacon of Power Academy opened in March 2014 to its first pupils.

If you would like to receive further information on how to use your 75p a day to help to educate a child, please email us at: info@school4kids.org

To keep up to date on the progress of the School4Kids project why not read our newsletters.