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School4Kids Trust

School4Kids is a project run association with the New Life Church Bristol trust which is registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales under number 1150750.

The charity was formed by the signing of a declaration of trust on 29th January 2013. The charitable objectives set out in the trust deed are that for the benefit of the public, New Life Church Bristol will advance the Christian faith in accordance with its statement of beliefs, in such ways and in such parts of the United Kingdom or the world as the trustees may from time to time think fit. One of the key missions of the trust is to reach out in practical ways to some of the poorest children in the world - this is the purpose of School4Kids.

The governing body of the Trust are the Trustees who are legally responsible for the governance and management of the Trust, working in close consultation with the church Elders. The Trustees comprise of:

The Trustees are responsible for the financial affairs, legal management and policies of the Charity. The Elders are responsible for the spiritual direction and strategy of the Charity.